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The Franchisee

The Franchisee we are offering allows to basically carry out the following:

Sinansel Tisa Consulting cc encompasses various fields of activities and always strives for effectiveness and efficiency to customer personal satisfaction!!!

Franchising Process

The potential franchisee shall first and formost be resolute to carry out such business and have a clear picture of what he or she would like to achieve. Rendering services leading to satisfaction of clients shall be of paramount importance for the franchisee. No need to have full knowledge dry cleaning and laundry per say, because we will coatch and train you all the way. But at the end of the day, you need to have the following:

Financial Requirement

Experience over the years has taught us that prospective franchisees should not embark on this journey if they do not have sufficient capital available (or easy access to capital if needed).

In addition to the franchise fee and start-up costs you should be in a position to ensure that you can meet all your financial obligations AND have sufficient funds to run the business for the first six months. Excluding the Franchise Fee and stocks, this translates in reality to having a minimum of R250K unencumbered capital available.

Types of Franchisees

Sinansel Express entertains two types of franchisees:

This is an operation without high cost and risk. Optimising cost is already gaining grounds in your path to making profit on day one. No need of Dry Cleaning Equipment or Experience!!! As a Franchisee, you will only need Four things:

You will be trained on how to login the SINANSEL EXPRESS Software and do the booking and generate receipt to clients E-mail, co-ordinate with clients for collection, drop offs at Sinansel Express.
You will follow on your smartphone the work-in-progress and an SMS will be generated by the system to indicate the readiness of the order for pick up and delivery to customer.

The Franchisee needs to have the following:

Sinansel Express will provide all the necessary branded packaging for all order, Marketing tools, Vehicle branding and Sinansel Express Cloud based software for bookings.

The franchisee in this case needs to have all the business accumen as above stated. Same training and induction will be conducted for seven working days and an in store support for at least a month on the conduct of operations through the system.
Jointly, the Franchisee and the Franchisor will look for a business premises (shop) with a great business potential. When agreement is reached the Fanchisee pays for the rent and fulfil other necessary requirements indicated by the lessor. The Franchisor will then design the shop, supply the laundry equipment, supply the desktop and some finishing tools, and the Cloud Base Software for the management of orders at the franchise as well as all the branded packaging for the delivery of orders.
Dry Cleaning is done by the Franchisor who is in charge of pick ups and deliveries.

How much does it cost?
Initial Franchise Fee - We Offer 2 packages

You are required to pay an Initial Fee of R120 000 ex VAT for a Franchise Territory which includes a fee for the Initial Marketing Package including the following elements

SINANSEL EXPRESS RETAIL STORE – Items included per approxmately 40 Sqm Store – R250 000 which includes initiation fees of R120.000

Consumables – R4000

Tools expected to be Purchased and used
Laptop or desktop, EPSON printer, normal Printer; two washing machines, one dryer, One steam Ironer; One finishing table for ironing; one shoes repair machine; One photocopier; one Keys cutting Machine; Tools for fixing mobile phones; Shoes Enlargement; Sewing Machine; and other stocks small tools for work. All the above are necessary for full scale business and attainment of utlimate objectives.
NB: It is clear that all the activities suggested by the Franchisor can be reduced to a few. Accordingly this will impact on the cost. In any case, the Franchisee is part and parcel of our Brand, hence disclosure on most expenses by the Franchisor when and where necessary.

SINANSEL EXPRESS Full Store Package, you are required to pay an initial fee of is R250 000 ex VAT for a Franchise Territory which includes a fee for the setup of the store up to R150k and the Initial Marketing Package as detailed above. (i.e. a discount of R20k compared to a two-step process as outlined above).

An initial R12 000 ex VAT deposit is payable to secure a franchise territory. Please note that the deposit is held in a separate Bank Account as per the new requirements of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) and is FULLY refundable in the event that you decide to cancel the transaction up to the date that training commences.

The remaining balance of the franchise fee is due no more than 14 days before commencement of the initial 7 days training programme. Please note the following provision regarding your Franchise Fee, which is incorporated in our Franchise Agreement. You are only required to sign the Agreement upon commencement of training with the implication that if you feel that you have not made the correct decision you will be FULLY refunded.